Your Trusted Partner for Landscape Excellence on the BC Coast

Established in 2019, Symbiotic Landscapes has rapidly become a trusted name in the British Columbia landscaping industry.  From our Burnaby headquarters, we offer a full spectrum of landscape services, specializing in maintenance, construction, and expert consultation. Our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction has driven our expansion across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We are thrilled to announce the opening of our second location in the Comox Valley, bringing our signature services to Vancouver Island.

Symbiotic is growing

Building upon our established presence in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, we have expanded our construction services to encompass Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and Discovery Islands, operating from our second location in the Comox Valley. In addition to our comprehensive construction capabilities, we proudly offer complete landscaping solutions, including maintenance, irrigation, and snow & ice management, specifically tailored to the Comox Valley region.



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  • Spencer Jenkins


    Spencer Jenkins


    An adept visionary and dedicated curator, Spencer brings his passion for the landscaping industry and his team to the forefront. His vision for Symbiotic was the catalyst for creating a sustainable workplace, characterized by a dynamic and constructive work atmosphere. When not at work, he cherishes quality time with his family, showcasing his culinary skills, exploring new horizons through travel, indulging his love for collecting and immersing himself in the great outdoors.

  • Peter Bligh

    Projects Division Manager

    Peter Bligh

    Projects Division Manager

    Peter brings a wealth of expertise to our team with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree specializing in soil science, plant diseases, and insects. With over 30 years of experience in commercial, residential, and environmental landscape design and construction, Peter thrives on the daily challenges of creating stunning outdoor spaces that exceed client expectations.

    Peter is passionate about the art and science of landscaping. He firmly believes that a successful landscape begins with a foundation of high-quality soil, followed by a thoughtful design and carefully curated plant selection. This philosophy is evident in his exceptional work and dedication to client satisfaction.

    Originally from New Zealand, Peter’s love for travel led him to explore Europe and Canada before settling in Vancouver. When he’s not transforming landscapes, Peter enjoys sailing, skiing, and cheering on his favorite rugby team. He also has a passion for breeding French Bulldogs, showcasing his love for animals and dedication to responsible breeding practices.

  • Andrew Baker

    Operations Manager

    Andrew Baker

    Operations Manager

    Andrew is a seasoned professional dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces. His expertise in landscape maintenance stems from a lifelong passion for the environment and a deep understanding of horticulture. With years of experience in the industry, Andrew has honed his skills in plant care, pest management, and overall property aesthetics.

    His commitment to excellence is evident in his meticulous approach to every project. Whether it’s diagnosing plant ailments or crafting a stunning landscape design, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and a creative eye to the table. He’s not just a manager, but a true partner to clients, ensuring their vision for their property becomes a reality.

    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Andrew’s love for the outdoors is evident in his personal pursuits. An avid soccer player and nature enthusiast, he finds solace and inspiration in the natural world. This connection fuels his passion for creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes that enhance the lives of those who enjoy them.