Professional Horticulture and Gardening Services

At Symbiotic Landscapes, horticulture and gardening is not just a part of what we do — it’s our core focus. We are proud members of the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association and the Canadian Landscape Nursery Association. Our commitment to excellence extends to our leadership team, all of whom hold industry-recognized certifications.

Our services

One in every 20 of our team members is a Red Seal horticulturist. This reflects our dedication to having the most educated and skilled team in the field. Knowledge is the key to preserving the assets of our clients and providing innovative solutions. 

Our industry expertise empowers us to tackle a wide array of horticultural and gardening challenges. We offer a comprehensive range of horticulture and gardening services.

Lawn Maintenance

If you have grass, we’re experts at keeping it in top shape, beginning with the basics: lawn care. Regular lawn mowing, trimming and edging not only keep your yard looking sharp but also promote healthier grass growth. Maintaining an optimal grass height helps prevent weed growth. It improves air circulation and creates a more resilient and vibrant lawn.

Winterizations and Spring Clean-Ups

Our estate and property services extend throughout the seasons. We prepare your landscape for winter, safeguarding it from cold and harsh conditions. In spring, we conduct thorough clean-ups to promote the rejuvenation of your green spaces.

Watering Solutions

Our commitment to water conservation is evident in our advanced watering solutions. We offer modular watering systems that deliver the right amount of water at the right times, minimizing water wastage. For larger landscapes, we also provide water truck services to ensure proper hydration.

General Clean-Ups

Regular clean-ups are an essential part of horticultural maintenance. We remove debris, fallen leaves, and other detritus that can hinder the health of your plants and turf.

Fertilizer Treatments

We utilize specialized fertilizer treatments to provide essential nutrients that promote the growth and health of your plants. We design our custom fertilization plans to meet the unique requirements of your landscape.

Pest Control and Infestation Remedies

Our experts are well-versed in identifying and addressing pest infestations. We employ integrated pest management techniques to protect your greenery, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Mulching and Soil Amending Services

Proper mulching and soil amending can significantly enhance the health of your plants. We apply the right mulch and soil amendments to ensure that your landscape receives the nutrients it needs.

Post-Construction Plant Health Reports

We offer reports on the health of plants after construction or landscaping projects for new strata councils or homeowners. These detailed assessments provide insights into the health of your plants and any necessary care or remedies.

Garden Enhancements

Our enhancements division stands as the backbone of our landscape maintenance services. Enhancements are the key to helping our residential and commercial clients transform their landscapes into something extraordinary. Our goal is to increase your property’s value and create an outdoor environment that is not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. We offer a diverse range of enhancement services, including:

Dead Plant Replacement.

We replace dead or ailing plants to maintain the health, appearance, and vitality of your landscape.

Sustainable and Drought-Tolerant Options.

In extreme weather or challenging climate circumstances, we always offer sustainable and drought-tolerant plant options. These choices are not only environmentally responsible but also thrive in harsh conditions.

Garden Bed Installation and Remedies.

Our team can install new garden beds or revitalize existing ones. This enhances the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Plant Installations.

We offer comprehensive planting installations to add vibrancy and life to your landscape. Whether it’s trees, shrubs, perennials or other plant varieties your landscape will shine. We show our dedication to the environment by using native species and eco-friendly designs in our installations.

Turf Installation.

Whether you prefer fresh sod or seed, we can install lush, green turf that enhances the overall aesthetic of your property.

Soil and Mulch Top-Ups.

Proper soil and mulch are essential for the health of your landscape. We provide top-ups to ensure your plants have the nutrients they need to thrive.

General Clean-Ups.

Our enhancement services extend to general clean-ups. This includes removing debris, leaves, and other detritus that can hinder your landscape’s beauty.

Paver and Retaining Wall Replacements.

We offer paver and retaining wall removal and replacement services, enhancing the structural elements of your landscape.

Rooftop Gardens and Green Roofs.

We specialize in converting rooftop spaces into not just aesthetically pleasing gardens but also into havens of sustainability. Our rooftop expertise enhances urban living while minimizing environmental impact, reinforcing the importance of green roofs.

Service Areas

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